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Automatic Water Shut-Off Systems & Home Flood Prevention

If you’ve ever suffered from a leak or flood you already know the damaging effect water has on a flooded home or business. Never worry about plumbing failures again with our automatic water shut-off systems that protect your home or business from devastating leaks and floods.

Our automatic water shut-off systems  and flood protection solutions close your main water supply line if any wireless sensors come into contact with water originating from a plumbing leak. With our automatic water leak & flood detection shut-off systems, you can prevent small and large plumbing failures from causing serious damage to your flooded home or business.

Our Flood Protection Services

Providing Installation Services for Various Properties

Residential Services

We use the latest in active leak detection technology to ensure your home or apartment is protected from serious flooding and damage. We have tested…

commercial services

Commercial Services

To protect your business we use the industry standard in active leak detection systems. Our automatic water shut-off system have been strictly…

industrial services

Industrial Services

We are dedicated to ensuring your property is protected at all times. Manufacturing and other industrial facilities are susceptible to various plumbing…

A variety of products are available to protect and monitor your property from water damage 24/7.

WaterCop, FloodStop, & More

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Experienced & Professional

Our professional installers are certified and highly experienced with plumbing and leak protection services.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer 24/7 emergency customer support – if you have an issue with any of our systems we’re available to help around the clock.

What Our Clients Say
  • Canadian Leak Protection saved my business from what could have been a devastating flood caused by a defective water supply line under the sink. The system is so easy to use and requires almost no maintenance. The installers were exceptionally polite and quick. I recommend everyone to protect themselves and their properties with WaterCop automatic water shut-off systems.
    Fenix Finish
  • Thank you Canadian Leak Protection for your excellent service & support. Not only did your system stop a potentially serious flood in our home but your service team also called us immediately to come over and ensure everything was okay. I’d recommend your services to any of my family & friends as I couldn’t stand having to worry about losing precious family photos and other keepsakes that my insurance would definitely not cover.
    Residential Installation