FloodStop Products

With FloodStop automatic water shut-off products you can stop flood damage before it really starts. In the event of a leak at any of your common appliances, the FloodStop valve will close shutting off the water supply to prevent any major damage whether you are home or away. The alarm will sound to alert you their is a leak and the sensor will notify the main valve to close preventing a major flood from occurring.

In most cases, repairing a broken line or a water leak is only the smallest of the actual cost and concern. For anyone who has had to replace walls, carpet flooring, furniture or belongings, FloodStop is the smartest in-home flood protection device ever created.

FloodStop products are available for all the most vulnerable and common in-home flooding issues such as ice makers, washing machines, dish washers, water heaters, sink faucets & more.

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Effective & Invisible

The automatic shut-off valves are installed in discreet locations keeping your rooms clear of any mechanic parts and making FloodStop practically invisible. The wired or wireless sensors that detect leaks are also placed in a discreet location under or around the appliance allowing for a clean appearance while still being accessible for maintenance & servicing.

Not only is the entire FloodStop system barely noticeable but it also provides an effective solution to preventing leaks and floods throughout your property.