Water Flow Meters

With Water Flow Meters, you have the power to automate, manage water consumption, and detect leaks in your home or building.  This is an integral part to a complete water management solution.  Water Flow Meters track water usage and reports gallons used.  Track your households water usage and drill into reports to find out where your peak consumption is and make changes to reduce your water bills.  Flow meters tell you if water is flowing or if it’s off.  It knows if the flow is small, like a running toilet, or if it’s large, like a garden hose left on.  Flow meters can detect leaks or fixtures left on.  It tracks usage and allows you create smart triggers using your Z-wave home automation system.

To add to it’s capabilities, flow meter checks the temperature in the nearby surrounds to detect for freezing conditions and sends temperature alerts.  There’s also a backup battery, just in case power is interrupted.  You won’t have to worry about lost data or lack of leak monitoring.  Plumbed on the water main, flow meter is sure to be a valuable part of your total home automation & leak prevention system.

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