WaterCop Products

Homeowners can benefit from the protection and peace of mind that WaterCop products & water management systems provide.

Property damage caused by aging and faulty plumbing is one of the most common home insurance claims. Annually more than 2,500,000 homeowners fall victim and the damages total billions of dollars in preventable losses. Valuables such as artwork, antiques, computers and electronic data, photographs, and other heirlooms are often difficult or impossible to fully replace.

Insurance helps ease the pain of repairs but will not fully replace your valuable property or alleviate the hassle, anguish, and disruption associated with a devastating interior flood loss.

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How Does It Work?

The WaterCop automatic shut-off valve installs on the main water line near the existing manual shut-off valve. WaterCop flood sensors are installed near leak-prone appliances and in rooms where running water is present. When  leaking water comes in contact with any of the sensors, a wireless signal is immediately broadcast to the WaterCop main valve causing the valve to close. Water flow is quickly cut off to all areas of the home and any continuous flooding is stopped.

Flood damage and losses related to plumbing problems can lead to higher home insurance costs and possibly the loss of affordable coverage altogether. WaterCop products & water management systems, when properly installed and maintained, offer a proven method to effectively reduce the chance of catastrophic plumbing related leaks or flooding.