Commercial Flood Protection

Even something as simple as a leaking pipe in a kitchenette or a burst fixture in a seldom monitored restroom can end up causing millions of dollars in water damage to your commercial property.

To protect your business, Canadian Leak Protection uses the industry standard in active leak detection systems. Our systems have been strictly designed and manufactured to be the most durable and reliable system on the market for use in commercial applications.

Interested in discussing a leak & flood protection solution with us? Contact us today and we would be happy to discuss various options to protect your business.

Security & Automation

Our family of water detection and automatic shut-off products include various features that monitor your commercial property around the clock and alert you of any leaks before significant water damage can occur.

The automatic water shut-off systems conveniently work with many existing building automation systems for unparalleled loss-prevention monitoring. Wherever there is accessible water, there is a solution for your specific needs to help protect you – and your property – from catastrophic water damage.