Residential Flood Protection

Canadian Leak Protection provides the highest quality leak protection technology and installation to ensure your home or apartment is protected from serious floods and water damage. We constantly test various systems to find the best possible solutions while meeting industry standards for active leak detection systems.

You may receive a discount on your home insurance policy by installing a residential flood protection system in your property. Contact your insurance broker to inquire about discounts for installing an “automatic water shutoff system”.

Interested in discussing a leak & flood protection solution with us? Contact us today and we would be happy to discuss various options to protect your home, apartment, or condominium.

How Does It Work?

Automatic water shut-off systems consist of an electric ball valve and a network of flood and temperature sensors. Flood sensors actively monitor predetermined and specific leak prone areas inside your home and will activate the automatic valve when accumulating water is detected.

The automatic valve installs on your main water supply line where it enters the home and will automatically turn off the water when notified that a leak is detected. The system can be activated by its sensor network, a remote switch, or most security and smart home systems. Systems are available in both wired & wireless configurations and can even be controlled using a mobile app on your smart phone.